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A Chef and Food Community

A chef and food community

Many top chefs work hard, passionately bringing food from farms to the table. 

Local produced food is creatively crafted into wonderful presented dishes for you, not only to eat, but to experience.  It becomes an art.  You can see the results when you sit down to eat at restaurants and have a wonderful dining experience.  You can feel the disappointment when you have a horrible dining experience. 

Finding the right place to eat can be a challenge for us whether we like to eat at fine dining restaurants, a casual dining restaurant, or even just a bar or pub.  Sometimes you never really know what to expect.  You never see the chef and cooking staff. 

We want to give the dining community an opportunity a chance to make more conscious dining decisions.  We are building a resource of chef interviews, chef news, and chef events in the Northwest.

Chef Interviews

Chef Interviews will feature the best and most informative interviews that I can find with chefs and the people who prepare food for restaurants that we eat at.  The goals are to promote and share excellent content about the attitude that chefs have towards food.  I also want to feature great chef based content that I can find from great contributors.  I will also do my best to always source content from other sources on this site.  If I haven’t sourced the information such as the publisher of a YouTube video, please send me a message and I will fix it as soon as I can.  Guest contributors are welcome so please contact me if you are interested.

Chef News

The Chefs News section will feature the best information that I can find about chefs in the northwest.  This content will include the most interesting and useful information that I can find for diners.  Guest contributors are welcome here as well so, again contact me if you are interested.

Chef Events

The Chef Events section will provide up to date information that I can find on Chef related events in the Northwest.  If you have an event coming up or you know of an event and would like it to appear on this site, please contact me.


We will do our best to update this site daily. If you like the information on this site, and think others can benefit, please share it.  Thanks for visit us!

A Chef and Food Community

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